Our goal at Grace to Change Ministries is to offer Bible-based counseling to bring about hope, help, and a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The counseling offered through Grace to Change Ministries is in the category of Pastoral or religious Counseling. Counsel given is provided according to the counselor’s interpretation of the Holy Scriptures.

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Nothing from June 17, 2024 to June 16, 2025.




I am a woman who has experienced deep, crippling hurts. Without hope, I went to my first appointment with Dave Douglass. I “knew” he would never understand or believe me, but by the end of my appointment, I must admit, I had a glimmer of hope and healing. I heard these words for the first time, “I believe you, I’m sorry, you deserve to stop suffering.” Since that first appointment, he has carefully and skillfully taken me through the steps of healing and building a relationship with the perfect Healer, God. My past is now my past. I have inner peace knowing I have true forgiveness both of the offender and of myself.


What a blessing to be counseled by someone who is kind, non-judgmental, and has a very strong Biblical core. We felt he truly cared and wanted to help. We highly recommend him to anyone seeking advice with Godly insight.


When my wife and I came to Dave, our marriage was very broken; it seemed we were on the verge of divorce with no hope. One of the impacting points he would drill into our hearts is that Christ has to be the center of your relationship; you must lean on Christ. Dave would give us tools to help us with the issues we were facing while steering us to a Christ-centered marriage. The Lord has used Bro. Douglass to help save and restore our marriage. My wife and I today have a great marriage with three amazing children who all love the Lord and look forward to learning more about God.


For the past four years, Mr. Douglass has been one of my main sources of counsel. His counseling approach is full of Godly wisdom and patience. I have always been comfortable and confident talking with Mr. Douglass. He is a man of character. I have been helped and blessed by his guidance.


Dave Douglass has been an amazing help to me. I went to another well-known counseling group a few years ago and went away frustrated. I felt belittled and foolish. After three sessions I finally quit going, because I was not feeling cared for or encouraged. The counselor acted very pious and proud. After my first counseling session with Dave, I went home feeling there was hope. I felt like there was a light at the end of my proverbial tunnel. I felt challenged to draw close to God and was reminded that God loves me unconditionally despite my faults. I was convinced God wanted to have a deep and loving relationship with me, and He had not only forgiven my faults but would help me to have this relationship with Him. I am so grateful to have Dave Douglass as my counselor.